Saturday, July 16, 2011

Movie Monday: Niagara, Niagara

Most people think I am trying to take some sort of stand by not watching television or not buying cable. We used to watch so many lovely addictive shows and truly enjoyed them. I have come to realize that once you are as lucky as we are to have several wonderful opportunities and new objectives, one (or two, or three, or a family of four) may have to give up a couple of things. Daily television was one of the first things to go in our family. But movies. Great flicks and and novels I refuse to give up. So like most Americans we joined Netflix. For one thing, the kids can watch all the Dora and Dinosaur Documentaries they want! Over and over and over again. As for us, we attempt to find those movies we "haven't seen in years!" Most of the time, it turns out to be somewhat disappointing. Like when I thought "Mad Love" was going to be as unbelievable as I remembered it being in high school. When I watched it, I realized I could no longer identify with the characters at all. I identified with their (GASP) parents! Either way, we do happen to come up with some truly brilliant films that weren't just "awwwwwesome" back in the 90's. My first Movie Monday will be a film you will not find on Netflix. You actually cannot find it in stores, or on Amazon...OMG. Well, Meghan, where can I find this amazing movie? Answer: Youtube. Oh yes. It is such an amazing movie but there were only a few DVDs made of this fine film and they are apparently all gone. Either way, you can watch this amazing flick in it's entirety on Youtube.

Robin Tunney plays a teenage girl with Tourette's Syndrome from a wealthy family who happens to meet Henry Thomas's character in a five and dime store while they are both shop lifting various items for the fun of it. They are quick friends and fast lovers and suddenly find themselves leaving town in search of a Black Bobby Head in Canada. Check it out. And let me know what you think. It's no "Mad Love". That is for sure.


M. lazo said...

this is pretty cool,it was On Monday (July 18th.2011)that i was watching Netflix with my 15 year old daughter Amber. Somehow i started talking about this movie i had seen with a teenage girl who had tourettes sydrome and she didnt know what that was, i told her to google it, we searched and your right, no Netflix, no Hulu, no where could i find this movie because i had forgotten the name.frustrated today i typed in T.S. Movies and here you are with a website that was just put up on July 16th.2011 just 2 days prior to our searching for this movie that i wanted her to see so badly. i am so happy that you put this up, and i cannot wait to tell Amber that i found it!!you are so right about this incredible movie, i saw it once and it never left my mind. it should be shown around the world for everyone to see! Niagara Niagara, when she comes home from school we will watch it today, its going to be very intersting to see, what her views and comments will be after she has seen this Controversial,Amazing, & MUCH TO HIDDEN,Masterpiece of a Movie.thank you for putting this out here for us Meghan, and when were back, it will be the comments of my Daughter Amber @ age 15, who has never seen or heard of tourette's.because society has labeled people who have this disease, Simply and shamefully Crazies or Schizo's, so she never bothered to ask any further. thank you again Meghan truly,

Meghan Henley said...

It truly is a great movie and Robin Tunney is amazing! Enjoy and I definitely can't wait to hear what your daughter has to say!!
Sincerely, Meghan