Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Flags

This is one of those paintings that truly evolved on its own. It began as my attempt to step away from the box-like shapes for a moment and listen to Hundertwasser's quote: "The straight line is ungodly." I admire his ease with breaking out of society's idea that everything should be linear. I identify with how hard it is since my husband is a Land Surveyor for an Engineering firm. His job is to make things line up. So the hubs was delighted when he walked into my studio and saw that I had stepped out of my comfort zone of squaring off compositions and had really made this cool swirling pattern of color formations that bounced all over the canvas with no beginning and no end. I had set it aside and begun working on another piece (as I often do when I know a painting is unfinished but cannot see where it should go.) I picked it back up and stared for a few minutes before I began overpainting most of the composition out. Alas, "Flags" was born. Hey, I tried.

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