Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabulous finds

I know. I know. I can no longer call myself a "blogger" of art and/or fashion. I am even busier than I used to be when I thought I could not possibly fit another adventure into each day. I have now added teaching fitness classes to my usual busy schedule of one full time job, child rearing, barely landscaping, driving kiddos to school/scouts/gymnastics, painting, thrifting, sewing and many more things I am so very grateful to have in my unbelievable life. So there. That is my excuse for the loooooong lag. I don't have time to type anymore. Baha!

I was able to schedule in the time to do some of my beloved thrifting recently when I realized we are getting close to Halloween! Time to break out the sewing machine so we were on the hunt for sheets...I found some major lovelies and will be listing them in the shop. Happy Day!