Monday, February 25, 2008

Plaids, Newest Sgraffito Painting

Of course, my background in textiles, interior design and fabric often comes blaring through into my paintings as many of you know. Here are my latest...All available at

Dreaming Ralph Lauren

Favorite Plaid Shirt and Khakis

Plaid, In Olive

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Want To Know!

Okay guys, I really want to know what you think. I sometimes dive too deeply into my little art space in my brain and become so involved in my latest "focus" that I forget to stop and ask what art followers, friends, and family members think of my work and would like to see more or less of. Please let me know if I should continue to lean in the abstract direction for a while. Are you enjoying the latest complete abstractions? Or should I revisit my figurative works or try to fall somewhere in between (such as the last painting I will post). I will give a few samples of each below. Let me know. Thanks for your feedback!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have tried so many times to express to my friend, Jessica Torrant,how very thankful I am for her unknowing push for me to jump on the art band wagon after my son, Collin was born. He will be 5 years old on Tuesday and I sometimes cannot believe how far we have all come since his birth. Jessica's encouragement pulled me out of my, what I once believed to be comfortable, suburbia life and into the art world again. I visit her portfolio whenever I get in a funk or sink too deeply into motherhood (now with two beautiful children) and forget where I left off as an artist. Her portfolio is a constant reminder that I can. I really can.

Here are the latest works inspired by Jess. All for sale at

Please also visit Jessica at

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Recycling older art!

What a super fun thing to do when I come across old stuff! I have been taking older sketches and paintings while cleaning out my studio and "reworking" them with watercolor pencils and markers. It shows me how far I have come since then and I also see how my style has truly developed since my studies. Very exciting for me!