Saturday, August 01, 2009

Living Vintage, Seymour TN

Today's post is about this fab vintage home decor and furniture shop local to all you Knoxvillian's. Since it is just outside the city and just before entering beautiful Seymour, TN (where we will be residing soon), perhaps you haven't stopped in yet.
Living Vintage is proud to be a small family owned business and these ladies sure have a knack for vintage home design! I may go to them for some design advice once we move. Ooohh..another fun post...
Here's your sneak peak into their fun little vintage atmosphere located at 8745 Chapman Hwy in Knoxville. Another thing I love is that they are truly old fashioned and do not sell their items online so now you have no excuse. Roll on down the road and check it out. Tell them I sent you!


Leproust Vintage said...

SO cute! I may need to take a little road trip over to Knoxville to visit it!

Roz said...

Well I so want to move in there now! Haha.
Those pictures are gorgeous,and so are the rooms.That is literally how I dream of decorating my house when I'm older..
Thanks for the really nice comment!It made me smile.