Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upcycling an old skirt of mine

This adorable little skirt has forever been too long on me. I am a real shorty and totally okay with that. Although I frequently clean out my closet or try to do fashion trading with friends, I have kept this skirt for some reason. I wasn't ready to give it to Goodwill. Just knew I could use it for "good" someday. I decided to go ahead and upcycle this baby and put it in the store. I just did my simple "mini bustles" and hitched it up a bit. Totally makes the skirt in my opinion! What do you all think?


Jessica Torrant said...

Very cool, Meghan. I love your take on alteration - truly from an artist's perspective.

Lagelle said...

U did an amazing job, so creative & inspiring btw come visit