Sunday, July 16, 2006

Meghan Henley Modern Fine Art
Is it morning now? Have I slept at all?

These dreams I have are set in a past that I barely remember before my scattered thoughts make me miss you for a moment.

If ever our lives overlap again…
I just wish that we could be friends.

From what I hear, this is just not a possibility for you.
I gather your life and mine are no longer compatible.

It almost feels like I imagined all of those years sometimes.
It wasn’t so long ago, though, you know?

Wounds can heal and although many promises were broken, I have healed.
I hope you have as well.

I would have liked for you to meet my son.
So that he would be able to possibly understand the girl I used to be.

I would like for you to know the woman I have become.
I would like to know you as the person you are now.

I still feel a connection with you. I still feel that you know that somewhere out there, something big is happening to me.

I still worry about you. I still dream that there is no distance. No more tears, no more blame.

Are all of these thoughts just shadowing Nostalgia, or do I really still care? I never was able to mourn the loss of our relationship.

Is it mourning now?


Oil and pastel on canvas


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