Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifty Inspiration: Audrey Horne Part 1

The hubs and I are currently watching Twin Peaks on Netflix in the rare moment when we have an hour to spare. I often get inspired by the fashions of old shows and the gorgeous Audrey Horne has really got me thinking of spending Fall 2011 in some plaid skirts, fitted sweaters, and red heels. (soft kitten heels due to my recent ruptured disk which is whole other story...)I like to set a goal and post it so I don't lose sight. So here it is!

Thrift goal: Achieve the 1st of 3 of Audrey Horne's hot looks while spending less than $25.

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Anonymous said...

:) Ohhh I miss seeing your work Meghan! I think it's wonderful that you spend time with your family though!!! When I can, I spend time with my family too. It's really odd where inspiration comes from isn't it? All sorts of places.. where would you say is the place that left most of mark? You don't have to answer just wondering out loud. :) *HUGS*