Monday, October 05, 2009

Vintage Home

First and foremost, please excuse my lack of posting. We are currently in the midst of selling our home and getting into our NEW HOME! I am insanely excited and can't seem to focus on anything except the new house. So, not many new fashion shots or paintings being completed. Stay tuned though as I am feeling a creative spurt coming on!
I have been thrifting again and like I said, my focus is the house. I wanted to share my vintage home finds (for my own family, sorry won't be putting them in the shop). Although we don't have room for them currently, we have situated them in the window nook until the big move in 29 days. I found the chair/end table and matching end table at Goodwill and the two AMAZING lamps at our local Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries. I snagged them off the guy when he was bringing them out of the back! ha!

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Anonymous said...

Those lamps are an awesome score! i hit up the Goodwill at least once a week here. I found a lamp there last week that had potential, when I got it home and cleaned it up, i found out it was real silver! for $1.99! Crazy! ...And it is super cute :).

-Rebecca Boughman