Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An old friend

The Story:

I found this coat while spending a summer in Charlotte, NC when I was a sophomore in college. I was young and irresponsible then as most college kids and left it in the trunk of a friend's car. I have many pictures of myself and my friends wearing this coat and seriously missed it over the years. I even talked to my husband about how I wish it would find it's way back to me someday. Oddly enough, the universe brought us back together! Leave it to Facebook. My friend and I were back in touch and she happened to mention that she found it cleaning out her closet. Wow.

So it came in the mail one fine day and wouldn't you know it, I realized that the sleeves are too short and I didn't notice this before. My arms are crazy long and always have been. Either way because of my monkey arms, I am forced to sell it as a Vintage item in my store. It is still gorgeous, don't you think?

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