Friday, December 29, 2006

Back to work...

Although I am truly enjoying the holidays, I will be happy to (hopefully) next week get back to the normal pace of life and work on some new paintings. I have been dreaming up compositions while tossing and turning in bed at night but haven't had the time or energy to put these images into production thus far. For now, I will simply show some older works.
"Softening IV" 12x12 acrylic Sgraffito Painting from "Softening" Series. Created 2006 and featured in "The Other End of the Brush: Sgraffito Paintings and Other Works by Meghan Henley", Tomato Head, October 2006.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful colors!The texture work is OUTSTANDING! I'll be checking out your work as much as possible. You are a wonderful artist! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Meghan,

I was browsing through my lunch and my eye was caught by the mistory of your painted stories. My wife and I are keen art buyers and always lok for original items.

Your work is very catchy!